Ian Murphy (aka Captain Zap) and bogus claims to be inspiration of the movie 'Sneakers'

Murphy has made the claim that he was the inspiration behind the movie Sneakers.

Murphy, now the chairman of IAM/Secure Data System, was the inspiration for the movie "Sneakers." - Michelle Delio for Wired on 2001-02-06


Captain Zap: Ian Murphy, aka "Captain Zap," was the first person convicted of hacking. He and three friends broke into AT&T's computer system and shifted the metering clocks around, so the system charged peak rates at off-peak hours and vice versa. Busted in 1981, he was convicted in 1982, and is credited as the real-life source for the movie "Sneakers." Murphy has since run a security consulting firm, IAM/Secure Data Systems. - Michael Fitzgerald in "Nine Famous Hacks" for ExtremeTech on 2004-01-08

Despite his claims, there is no mention of him in the full credits for the movie. According to David R Brake's summary of the inception of Sneakers, Captain Crunch was consulted at some point, not Captain Zap. The special edition release of Sneakers even has John Draper (aka Captain Crunch) on the DVD extras.

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