Errata: Memoirs of a Hi-Tech Hustler

By: Gregory D. Evans

ISBN: 0-9700842-2-6

Many people don't feel this book even qualifies for Errata because it is so poorly written, but since it falls under "hacking" it is fair game.

This book is supposed to be written by a now "ex hi-tech hustler", who can't tell you enough about how good he was. His tales of the hacking life go back and forth between amateur hacking and more conventional criminal activity. If you are looking for a good laugh, this book might be for you. If you are looking for a real count of the hacking life, watch the Rugrats. That would be a bit more accurate. Be prepared for a lousy read with piss poor editing that missed countless misspellings.

pg 7. "I would not be making millions..". I think it is clear this low grade book is not making such money.

pg 7. "And he's still a fourth rate DICKtective". The repeated use of words like 'DICKtective' suggests the nature of this book lies more in a cheap shot at the law enforcement who busted him.

pg 9. "The stories you are about to read may or may not be true." I think this is one part of the book that is dead on.

pg 211. He goes on about accessing his teacher's bank account via Compuserve in the early 90's, long before online banking was generally accessable. I doubt any random teacher's bank account would be accessable via Compuserve.

pg 215. The predictions in this chapter are a joke. Anyone with common sense and reading articles for a year before publishing the book could make such vague and "accurate" predictions.

pg 228. "I would lie, cheat, steal, and if necessary kill for money, power, and respect." Wow, what a great person, and of course compared to what he said on page 135: ".. but a killer I am not."

pg 229. ".. to Michael Millikin, the junk bond king who paid his 900 million dollar fine in cash." Why do i doubt anyone paid such a fine in cash?

pg 303. The author talks about people he met in prison and includes "Mike Ramsee - Computer hacker; son of world arms dealer; stole $15 million from a bank." Of course there is no reference to this event in any legitimate news source.

I know there isn't much here as far as errata, but rest assured, it is the lack of real information and mix of fairy tales that give nothing concrete to prove just how ridiculous this book is.

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