Gregory D. Evans' Actions Lead LIGATT Counsel to Resign Over Ethical Concerns

Orig: Fri Feb 11 21:36:53 CST 2011

Update: Mon Feb 28 16:12:43 CST 2011

Per an out of court agreement between legal representation retained by and Tennell Lockett of Townsend, Lockett & Milfort LLC on behalf of Gregory D. Evans, the content of this page has been redacted. This agreement was reached after Evans, LIGATT and filed suit against with a sealed complaint and sealed Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). With those documents under seal, we had no way of knowing what remedy Evans et al sought against

Earlier today, counsel for spoke with Mr. Lockett and came to an amicable agreement in which would remove the content of this page, as it was taken from the leaked e-mails and published in full on this site. In return, Evans et al will not seek any restraining order or preliminary or permanent injunction against Prior to today, neither Ligatt nor his attorney had ever contacted to request that the content be removed.

From the e-mail request of Lockett:

I believe that you accurately describe the parties' agreement below.  By
virtue of this email, we are requesting that your client remove the contents
of the February 11, 2011 posting on its Web site. 

This does not preclude us from revisiting this issue (or the right to re-post this material) in court at a later date.

jericho staff

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