Gregory D. Evans Lies About Teaching Credentials

[Update: On August 25, Evans released a video blog in which he claims that we did not contact "the right departments" to verify he taught these classes. We invite Mr. Evans to publish his course work, lecture material or letters verifying his employment or teaching position.]

According to Evans' profile on

Mr. Evans currently teaches over twelve hi-tech crime courses, ranging from computer crime investigation and identity theft, to password cracking and recovery. These classes are taught throughout southern California at community colleges, universities and within city government. Some of these schools include Chaffey College, Santa Monica College, Irvine Valley College, Cal. State Los Angeles, Pepperdine University, Rancho Santiago College, and Cal State San Marcos.

Dave from sent e-mail to several colleges listed, asking for verification that Evans taught there. Note that the bio specifically says "currently teaches over twelve .. courses" and "These classes are taught..". This is distinct wording implying he is a regular teacher, not a guest lecturer or occasional speaker.

Original post regarding Irvine Valley College:

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:17:48 -0700 [05:17:48 PM EDT]
To: Dave H
Subject: RE: Question for a Expose piece I am working on

We have NO Gregory Evans currently employed

Original post regarding Rancho Santiago College:

Date: 	Thu, 24 Jun 2010 10:02:23 -0700 [01:02:23 PM EDT]
From: 	"Fuller, Libby" (Fuller_Libby[at]
To: 	Dave H (dave[at]
Subject: 	RE: Question for a Expose I am working on.

Dave, we checked our records and find no record of employment for this

Original post regarding California State University San Marcos:

Date: 	Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:10:17 -0700 [05:10:17 PM EDT]
From: 	Janet Powell (jpowell[at]
To: (dave[at]
Subject: 	FW: Question for a Expose I am writing.

We have no official record for Gregory D. Evans, however often faculty 
invite guest speakers to do lectures.  If that is the case I would need 
the name of a faculty member in order to verify.

Janet L. Powell
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Resources
California State University San Marcos

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