The irony here is that this "press release" was issued two days after the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation to make the spoofing of caller ID illegal. Needless to say, he did not 'invent' caller-ID spoofing.

African American ex-computer hacker designs service to fake caller ID

June 22, 2007

African American ex-computer hacker designs service to fake caller ID

Written by Gregory Evans

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Former computer hacker and CEO of LIGATT Security, Gregory D. Evans, has invented and launched a new service to combat call evasion. SPOOFEM.COM is an online program that allows anyone to change the number that appears on another person's caller ID. It also includes features like voice disguising, call recording, and text messaging from a different number. This program is geared toward collection agencies and law enforcement, but is open to anyone. Want to catch a cheating spouse? Does someone owe you money but won't accept your calls? Do you value your privacy and don.t want to inadvertently give out your phone number? SPOOFEM.COM is perfect for you.

SPOOFEM.COM is just the latest in a long line of reliable necessary security equipment invented by Evans, an African American former computer hacker. Evans designed SPOOFEM.COM when someone who owed him money and was ignoring his calls.

SPOOFEM.COM callers can change their Caller Identification Number (CID) so that their number will show up differently on another person's caller ID. Other features include spoofing text messages, which shows a different number or name of the person sending the text. Voice changing does just that, changes your voice. You have the choice of changing your voice to male or female. The conversation can be recorded and then emailed to your personal email address. SPOOFEM.COM lists everything from law enforcement, to collection agencies, to jealous boyfriends and girlfriends as customers of this type of service. "Currently, we have several celebrities and athletes using our service,. Evans confides. It is a perfect fit for anyone who values his or her privacy in this information age."

Gregory D. Evans, innovator, publisher, and industry leader, is a recognized expert in computer security and hi-tech crimes. Mr. Evans is the founder of LIGATT Security, the Technology Crimes Institute (TCI), and SPOOFEM.COM. In addition to his work with computer technology, Evans has also written a number of books, been featured on History Channel's "Modern Marvels," where he demonstrated the capabilities of computer surveillance and the destruction of cyber terrorism, and produced and co-hosted one of the first radio broadcast shows dealing with hi-tech crime. He has also served as an expert consultant to the following papers and magazines: Sun Newspapers, LA Times, USA Today, Wells Fargo Business Journal, CEO Watch, Black Enterprise, JET Magazine and numerous others.

To use SPOOFEM.COM, simply set up an account online at SPOOFEM.COM and pay using Paypal. Another alternative is to call 1-866-552-7867 and set up an account via the toll free line. Members of the media who want to try SPOOFEM.COM can get a free account by emailing the name of their publication and a phone number to media@spoofem.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . SPOOFEM.COM is a fun, inexpensive, and vastly helpful service no matter who or why you might need to call.

For more information about SPOOFEM.COM, visit http://www.SPOOFEM.COM.

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