Amartya Tagore Plagiarizes Content

November 30, 2020

Azeria (@Fox0x01) shared details of Amartya Tagore, who claims to be a "Global exam item writer for EC-Council, USA", committing blatant plagiarism. Apparently, Mr. Tagore did not realize that Azeria's website contained obfuscated JavaScript with easter eggs that alert her when they are used elsewhere. She received an email alert from The material he stole, including her graphics, were labeled "(c) Cyber Defence Solutions. All Rights Reserved"

Azeria goes on to say that some of the companies he did business with contacted her, and she describes his activity as a "scam". His unsatisfied customers told her that "wasn't even able to answer basic questions about the material." Finally, in one message Tagore sent to a customer, he claimed to "work with utmost ethics and honesty".

You can read Azeria's full thread in for convenience, or start with her first Tweet in the thread. As of April, 2021, EC-Council has not replied to Azeria asking for confirmation if he is an instructor. Further, Tagore's Twitter account has been deleted.

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