From: rute (
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:51:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: [HH-CHAT] Top 10 Reasons to Buy Carolyn Meinel's New Book

10.  If you are so fucking stupid that you cannot figure out how to be a
     complete luser, then just read her book for a detailed explanation.

9.   Makes a great Christmas present for that special WebTV relative on
     your list.

8.   It will save you the hassle of having to go to the BUGTRAQ archives
     to read some of the older and more useless exploits and bugs.

7.   Some people are so fucking stupid and full of shit that they actually
     come across as being funny.  Buy her book for the sake of humor.

6.   There is no better and more detailed explanation of how to "h4x0r"
     your default Windows 95 desktop background than what she offers in
     her four chapter rant.

5.   Learn how to sell out and be a narc.

4.   Find out why DOS is what all the kr4d, 133t0 h4x0rZ _really_ use.
     Nobody really uses or hacks with *nix do they? 

3.   Learn how to impress your parents by "kirking" your PC until you fry
     all the circuits. 

2.   You too can learn how to pester the feds and slander people with your
     schizophrenic, paranoid delusions.

And the number one reason.....

1.   Buy the book damnit!  Carolyn needs more money to support that crack
     habit!  A $5 blowjob for a single hit of rock just doesn't add up any

Copyright (c) 1997 TATTOOMAN - Don't be stealing this shit too for your
book Carolyn!