Avid Reader (admin@showdown.org) from California ,USA , April 20, 1998
[2 out of 5 stars]
Great for AOL warriors - lame for anyone else....
As someone who unwhittingling contributed to this book, let me be the first
to say it's a hoax. Meinel is doing nothing other then plagerising other   
peoples hard work and misfortunes for her own benifits. Although newbies to
the Internet who have just watched the movie "Hackers" might think it's the
best book sence the Bible.

If anything it would be a book just to say you own and to talk to others
about, but as far as any real usefull information you can really use? Not
going to find it here. This book is filled with a few neet tips and tricks
for windows95 but nothing of any real value. It said you will be an expert
in securing your systems and other things after reading this book? It's a 
book of stories of other peoples adventures and risks, and some smoke and 
mirrors. Nothing about network security, in laymans terms, like promised. 

If you did figure out how to do anything, and did become a hacker, then
watch out because she will just narc you off to the FBI so she can write
another book about how some kid who read her book went bad and got busted
(belive me I know)...It's not worth the money. Get a real book on Unix or
Windows 95 and save some time and money.