Osiris013@aol.com from Orlando, FL , July 17, 1998 [1 out of 5 stars]
If you are interested in learning how to hack in any shape or form, I
suggest that you steer clear of this book. The information that is supplied
is nothing more than playing with your logo.sys on windows, and learning
very little about UNIX, which she claims is essential to hacking yet she
gives you little info the OS. The book can also get annoying while reading
her repetitive grammatical errors and very annoying laughs! If you do want
to get this book, you should check out the website, almost every bit of
information in the book is on the website, even though she claims that her
book is all new information. Half of what she writes doesn't work, and if it
does it's useless and/or boring. If you want to learn what's in this book,
just mess around with control panels in windows for awhile and open telnet
and telnet to port 25 of any host and type "Help". You will get just about
all that I got by doing those two things. I was very disappointed in this
book! , and I am still trying to figure out why she is so proud of it!
Again, this book is definetly not worth the money!!