feedle@lahackers.org from Los Angeles, CA , July 23,
                    1998 [1 out of 5 stars]
                    Neither Happy, Nor Hacking.
                    Somewhere in this collection of Windows 95 tricks and
                    re-digesting of commonly available information regarding
                    certain Internet protocols, there's a good hacker book  
                    waiting to come out. The problem is, between all the    
                    mis-information and grammatical errors (of which there's
                    plenty), you get the feeling that "The Happy Hacker"
                    isn't so much a guide to becoming a white hat hacker as
                    it is somebody's way of making a quick buck off the
                    hacker hysteria. Do yourself a favor: spend the money on
                    any one of the books published by "O'Reilly and
                    Associates" on things like security, running and using
                    Linux, or various protocols and programs that make up 
                    the Internet. Or, spend the money renting WarGames. At
                    least then you'll know how 70's hackers got free local
                    phone calls from payphones.