From Thu Jun 18 21:41:35 1998
From: mea culpa 
To: "Betty G.O'Hearn" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:31:16 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Garbage (fwd)

> I spoke to Carolyn yesterday... and mentioned my interaction with Shipley
> last week... him stating he is on the cover....  a lot of people say they
> are on the cover as a matter of fact.
> She said it was done by a graphic artist.  A lot of guys look like Shipley
> with dark long hair and glasses.

That is complete shit. Compare the cover with:

EXACT duplication. The angle he is leaning in, the way his mouth is, style
of hair, fangs, etc. That is also a copyrighted image.

> I said that she did not mention you in the credits.  She said she is having
> several of those statements.  She said anyone who worked on edits would
> have the draft copy.
> If they don't, they are lying.

 She never sent me the draft like she promised. She never sent me
the final copy like she promised. I think I still have the mail in which
she promises to send the draft, because we ended up getting in an argument
over the use of personal vs work addresses and "keeping work out of it".


1. Notice the tilt/features of Shipley
2. Notice his shirt corresponds to Death Veggie on the second picture
3. Notice the guy standing behind Death Veggie on the second, compared
   to the book cover. This is Drunkfux (organizer of HoHoCon)

1. Shipley's image is copyrighted by Peter Shipley, and says so in the embedded info.
2. The second image is Copyright 1995 by Shift Magazine.

You be the judge!