Many of Bill Hancock's various claims and assertions have been debunked on other Errata pages. In addition to those, Hancock has made other claims that are examined here.

Hancock is a student of Aikido, since age 4. According to one article, he won the U.S. Aikdo championship and then the world championship six years in a row. Conceivably, a "US Aikido Championship" would be organized by a national aikido assocation. The oldest such assocation is the United States Aikido Federation, founded in 1976. USAF was formed legitimately as an affiliate organization to the Aikido World HQ in Japan formed by Aikido's founder Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. A quick call to the USAF to confirm when the first annual US Aikido Nationals occurred and who the respective winners were in what categories should reveal the truth.

However, the article claims that he won the championship in his mid teens. If the USAF did indeed hold a national championship in their first year (1976), the youngest Hancock could have been was 19. Additionally, the "Aikido World Championships" is organized by the British Aikido Association and is only in its 5th year! The only other legitimate "Aikido World Championships" is organized under the IOC (Olympics) by the International Aikido Federation as the "Aikido World Games". The IAF received recognition by the IOC when the IAF joined the General Assocation of International Sports Federations (GAISF) in 1984! However, it was in 1997 at the World Games event in Lahti that Aikido made its first appearance unto the world stage.

When asked by colleagues to spar, Hancock never did, always citing injury or health problems. Are we to believe that Hancock won his first World Championship at the age of 41 and consecutively over the last six years, in spite of his ailing health? An impressive individual indeed.

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