Dr. Ali Jahangiri - "Computer Networking Handbook" 97.8% Plagiarized

Sat Mar 12 01:33:59 CST 2011

The Plagiarism

"Computer Networking Handbook" (ISBN: 978-1-58909-666-0) is a 48 page book that "has a simple approach to computer networking, protocols and network hardware". The book is published by Bookstand Publishing (a company that facilitates self publishing), authored by Dr. Ali Jahangiri, with a cover price of $19.95. At roughly 41 cents a page, this book is costly by most standards.

The book starts with a foreword indicating the material was authored by Jahangiri, but many years before the book was published (2009):

"This book is part of my thesis which was written in 2004 - 2005 to accomplish my doctorate degree. However, it has been used as a study guide for computer networking courses widely through the internet till today."

This is troublesome as some of the material in this book, and possibly his thesis, has been plagiarized from material dating back to 1997. This would call into question his thesis and entire doctorate.

The following table details the portions of the book that were taken from other sources, making up 97.8% of the material.

Pages / total Description Original Source
1-2 (2) Chapter 1: Types of Networks Entire chapter - Network+ Study Guide [1]
3-6 (4) Chapter 2: Network Topologies Entire chapter - Network+ Study Guide [2]
7-12 (6) Chapter 3: Cabling Pg 7 Intro para - "What is Network Cabling" by Mark Allen
Pg 7 Table - Network+ Study Guide [1]
Pg 8-11 (text & most graphics) - An Educators Guide to School Networks (pg 32 - 39, Feb 2000) [3]
Pg 12 Misc Cable Info - Network+ Study Guide [1]
13-18 (6) Chapter 4: Network Hardware Pg 13-17 - Network+ Study Guide [1]
Pg 17 (IDS) - Wikipedia
Pg 17-18 (IPS) - Wikipedia
Pg 18 (UTM) - Wikipedia
19-21 (3) Chapter 5: OSI 7 Layer Model Pg 19-20 (OSI Layers) - CompTIA Network+ Study Guide
Pg 21 (Frame Types) - Network+ Study Guide [1]
23-32 (10) Chapter 6: Protocols Entire chapter - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 7-13 of PDF)
33-35 (2) Chapter 7: Troubleshooting TCP/IP Pg 33-34 - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 13-14 of PDF) Pg 35 - TCP/IP Layers Map (unknown source)
37-41 (5) Chapter 8: WAN Technologies Pg 37 intro paragraph - Internetworking Technologies Handbook (Cisco Press, 1997)
Pg 37-41 rest of chapter - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 15-16 of PDF)
43-44 (2) Chapter 9: Remote Access Protocols and Services Pg 43-44 all but SSTP - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 16-17 of PDF)
Pg 44 SSTP - Wikipedia
45-46 (2) Chapter 10: Network Management Entire chapter - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 17 of PDF)
47-48 Chapter 11: Diagnostic Tools Entire chapter - Network+ Study Guide [1] (Pg 17-18 of PDF)

Total Pages Plagiarised
45 / 48 (97.8%) [0]

[0] Page 36 and 42 are blank and not included in the total percent. Only page 35, a single graphic, could not be located. It is believed the graphic is not original though.

[1] The description of Peer-to-Peer, Client/Server and Centralized networks is an exact match to several other books including the CompTIA A+ Study Guide (Publisher: Sybex (October 30, 2006)), Network Plus Certification Exam (Aug 11, 2004) and many more. The earliest instance of this text we could find is from MCSE For You Corporation, "Last Update: 20 April 2000". Their "Net Guide" page, copyright 1999, has the exact text found in portions of this book. It is not entirely clear who originally wrote the text in this chapter, but is predates both Jahangiri's book (2009) and his thesis (2004-2005).

[2] Like footnote [1], most of this chapter comes from the MCSE For You Corporation's "Net Guide". However, the section on Wireless and a few other minor changes are not found in Jahangiri's book. The entire text, with three pictures are taken from Network+ Study Guide. While this link shows "CCNA Study Notes for Exam 640-607" as the title of the PDF, and "Network+ Security Guide" as the first header, we cannot positively match it to the correct title of the book the material comes from. Some of the material from this resource also appears in MC MCSE Network+ Study Guide (N10-004) and CompTIA Network Study Sheet. Each of these resources predate Jahangiri's book (2009) and may predate his thesis (2004-2005).

[3] From the PDF: "This publication was produced under a grant from the Florida Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, and the Florida Information Resource Network, The Honorable Tom Gallagher, Commissioner of Education" and is copyrighted 1997-2000.

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