McAfee recovers from Sesame Street email filter mix-up


John Leyden

McAfee has apologised for a Sesame Street-style mix-up over the weekend that temporarily prevented any customers with addresses that start with the letter A from receiving email.

The glitch - which involved the managed email filtering service from MX Logic, acquired by McAfee back in 2009 - bounced emails sent to supported inboxes that began with an A or a non-alphanumeric special character (eg, @$).

In a statement, McAfee blamed a rogue script for the mix-up, which has now been resolved.

During scheduled maintenance late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, a subset of customers experienced temporary account verification issues, impacting non-alphanumeric email addresses and aliases up to the letter "a". The engineering team monitoring the scheduled maintenance addressed the issue. The root script that caused this issue has been identified and fixed.


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