UMD Released Students' Social Security Numbers

July 17, 2008

University of Maryland said Thursday they accidentally released the addresses and social security numbers of thousands of students.

The University of Maryland's Department of Transportation Services sent all students, a total of more than 23,000, registered for classes a brochure with on-campus parking information. It was sent by U.S. Mail.

The University discovered the labels on the mailing had the students' social security numbers on it as well. The brochure was sent using third class delivery and some students may still have not received the item.

The University said they apologized and deeply regretted the mistake. "We are initiating immediate action to ensure that this error does not recur. We strongly recommend that you take appropriate precautions to mask, black out or destroy this document after use," stated an e-mail, signed by DOTS Director David Allen.

The mailings were sent out July 1, but the problem was not discovered until July 8. A website was set up in response to the mistake. The university is offering free credit reports to students for free.

The problem happened when the labels were printed for the mailing. Staff members overlooked the numbers on the label, since the system can also print university identification numbers, as well as the SSN and addresses.

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