Stolen laptop had Busch employees' personal info

July 29, 2008

By Nicolas Zimmerman,0,6332846.story

A laptop containing personal information of current and former employees, including some from Hampton Roads, was stolen from a St. Louis-area Anheuser-Busch office in June, according to a statement from the company.

The global beverage company, whose local properties include Busch Gardens Europe, Water Country and a brewery, recently mailed letters to an unspecified number of employees and ex-employees informing them of the break-in and offering a year of free credit reporting, Tim Farrell, the company's vice president for corporate human resources, said in a statement.

"The theft was reported to the police, and we are cooperating fully with their investigation," he said. "At this time, there is no evidence that the theft has resulted in any unauthorized disclosure, fraudulent credit card applications or other identity theft crimes."

The personal information stored on the stolen computer was password-protected and encrypted, according to the statement.

Anheuser-Busch's letter to employees indicates that information contained on the computer included employees' Social Security numbers, home addresses and marital status.

The laptop also contained information on employees' use of the company's employee assistance program, which offers counseling and referrals for work-related health issues, such as emotional distress or substance abuse.

Information on how many people received letters wasn't available Monday evening.

The letter advises employees who need more information to call 1-800-913-4502.

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