Personal information accidentally e-mailed by OSU-Wooster

May 6, 2008

By Randy Ludlow, The Columbus Dispatch

Personal information on 192 faculty and staff members of Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute accidentally was e-mailed to about 680 students.

The April 29 e-mail contained spreadsheet information listing the names, positions, salaries and Social Security numbers on OSU-Wooster employees during 2001-02 and 2003-04.

An employee sending an e-mail to students did not realize the spreadsheet information had been attached, said spokeswoman Frances Whited.

Students were asked to delete the e-mail, and current and former faculty and staff members were offered free enrollment in a credit protection and identity theft program, Whited said.

There have been no problems stemming from the accidental e-mail, she said With the exception of Social Security numbers, all the e-mailed information is a matter of public record.

Asked if OSU-Wooster students could be trusted to delete the e-mail and not use the personal information, Whited responded: .Of course!. Wooster is about 80 miles northeast of Columbus.

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