Personal information compromised by security company

by News Channel 8's Erin Cox

May 6, 2008

West Haven (WTNH) _ News Channel 8 found Social Security numbers, bank account numbers and even canceled checks inside a dumpster in West Haven.

Ron Scaramozza says his family gave information to a company that installed an alarm system at his Hamden home. His wife's Social Security number and details of their new security system are among the dozen or so files found inside the dumpster.

"They should have disposed of it properly, shredded it, burned it, not just thrown it in a dumpster. A security company especially, I can't believe it," Ron said.

The files appear to belong to Northeast Security, a subcontractor for Safe Home Security, based out of Rocky Hill. Northeast Security recently moved out of a West Haven storefront, and it seems they left their clients personal information behind.

Ed McMillian says the documents blew from the dumpster onto his front lawn on Dalton Street. He decided to take matters into his own hands, shredding the documents himself.

"I picked it up and there were some numbers on it and names and addresses," Ed said. "You just don't let things like that blow out into the wind."

It's not clear how long the documents have been in the dumpster.

An investigator with the state's attorney office also came to the dumpster today to check things out.

The company says that the files were not current clients.

After our first broadcasts of this story, a representative of Northeast Security told News Channel 8 that the company was unable to retrieve all of their customer files because they were locked out of the West Haven office because of a dispute with the landlord.

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