More Than 100 South Bay Shoppers Victims Of ATM Scam


May 1, 2008

LOS GATOS, Calif. - Police said more than 100 people who shopped at the Lunardi's supermarket in Los Gatos have had their debit and credit card information stolen.

An ATM and credit card reader in a checkout aisle at the Los Gatos Lunardi's supermarket was recently switched, resulting in cases of identity theft, a Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department spokesman said Tuesday.

VIDEO: More Than 100 South Bay Shoppers Victims Of ATM Scam Victims are losing an average of $1,000 from their bank accounts, reported NBC11's Garvin Thomas.

Police reports began Sunday night and continued into Tuesday police spokesman Tam McCarty said.

"They started pouring in," McCarty said.

Police believe the victims all had their card numbers stolen at the Los Gatos Lunardi's, 720 Blossom Hill Road, after officials from Lunardi's contacted them about a problem with one of their card readers.

"It was a switched card reader at one of the aisles," McCarty said.

Recent shoppers of the Los Gatos Lunardi's should check the status of their bank or credit card accounts for charges they did not make, according to police.

"Specifically look for charges in the Southern California area, Pasadena, Huntington; that's where most of them seem to be," McCarty said.

The Los Gatos Lunardi's has installed new ATM card readers with a lock on the back to make it more tamper resistant.

NBC11's morning meterologist, Craig Herrera, was one of the victims who had his credit card information stolen. He said he had $1,500 taken out of his account before he caught it. He learned about the case during a report on NBC11's morning show.

In another ATM scam, the Berkeley Police Department is searching for a man caught on film withdrawing money from several ATMs using what authorities are calling stolen cards. Police said he has withdrawn at least $20,000.

Two weeks ago, Los Altos police were searching for a man who was stealing ATM numbers by inserting a card scanner over the ATM machine.

Anyone who finds fraudulent charges on an account should contact the local police department or the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department at 408-354-8600.

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