Computer Containing Test Scores Missing From School

April 14, 2008

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. -- A school computer containing the names, test scores and Social Security numbers of students from three Stokes County high schools was stolen from a locked closet, authorities said.

The school system sent home a letter to parents last week notifying them of the theft, which affected between 400 to 800 students at West, South and North Stokes high schools.

"Wednesday after we returned from our spring break, a teacher notified us that she had misplaced (the) laptop computer," said school system superintendent Dr. Stewart Hobbs.

The computer was used for scoring exams in the career and technical courses, the school system said.

And though the computer contained personal information, Hobbs said he doesn't think the information can be accessed.

"All information stored on the computer is protected by two separate security systems, each of which requires a password," the letter stated.

"Any time any type of computer, especially if it has student information that's missing, this is of importance to us," Hobbs said.

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