Personal Pfizer Data on Stolen Laptop

April 7, 2008

Lee Howard

Pfizer Inc. has revealed that the theft of a laptop computer in February potentially exposed about 800 current and former employees and contractors to identity theft.

"At this time, Pfizer is not aware that any person has inappropriately used any exposed information, but the company is continuing to monitor the situation," Pfizer attorney Bernard Nash said in a letter to attorneys general in several states, including Connecticut.

Nash's letter, dated March 19, said a laptop was stolen Feb. 7 by a burglar from the home of a contractor who helps arrange planning travel and meetings for Pfizer. The laptop was password protected, Nash added.

Information on the laptop included names, credit card numbers and, in some instances, credit card expiration dates, various addresses and phone numbers, hotel loyalty program numbers and other information. It did not appear that any Social Security numbers or PIN codes were exposed, the company said.

Last year, a series of four data breaches at Pfizer exposed the names and personal information of more than 52,000 people.

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