CollegeInvest loses hard drive, customers' personal data

Written by Staff

April 22, 2008

CollegeInvest this week is sending letters to roughly 200,000 customers who had personal information stored on a computer hard drive that disappeared during a recent move.

CollegeInvest believes there is little risk of customers' personal information being compromised because the data is in a format that would be difficult to access and also was password protected.

Personal data from some but not all CollegeInvest customers was on the hard drive. CollegeInvest this week is mailing letters to all affected customers with information on what data was included and information about additional tools they can use to monitor their credit for unauthorized activity. Customers can also find out if they were affected and additional information on credit monitoring on the CollegeInvest website,

CollegeInvest moved to a new office space recently using an international relocation firm that offered specialists in moving computer equipment. CollegeInvest discovered while unpacking at the new location that a hard drive was missing.

CollegeInvest deeply regrets any inconvenience to customers that this may cause and is working to ensure that any questions they have are answered.

About CollegeInvest CollegeInvest is a not-for-profit division of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. CollegeInvest helps families break down the financial barriers to college by providing expert information, simple planning tools, scholarships, college savings plans, and low-cost student and parent loans.

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