Information Stolen from 400 Mecklenburg Co. Accounts

February 25, 2008

This afternoon, people who let Mecklenburg County draft money from their accounts should be on alert. 400 account numbers were stolen.

Any of the 400 victims should alert their banks and the credit agencies.

The county sent a letter to everyone who is affected.

A county official said, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police have a 17 year-old in custody, but they are looking for two more teens.

The official said he didn't think the teens used any account numbers, in fact he said they may have thrown them away.

Police say the teens stole a county employee's car.

A printout of bank draft transactions by the Park and Recreation Department was in the trunk.

Those transactions were for January, February and June of 2006.

The county says it no longer allows employees to keep sensitive information in their cars.

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