DNR Tells 7000: Social Security Numbers Lost

December 11, 2007

By Mike Wagner, Managing Editor


A contractor working for the DNR revealed on December 5th that a computer jump drive containing the names and social security numbers for 7000 people is missing.

The DNR says the drive actually disappeared on November 21st.

Chief Technology Officer Rick Hindman tells TV9 the worker waited to report the error because he thought he would be able to find the piece of missing equipment. Hindman says the contractor believes the jump drive fell off of his desk and into a garbage can at a DNR office in Des Moines.

The 7000 people on the list work on wastewater and drinking water systems. They have to give their social security number to the DNR as part of the permit application process.

The DNR is notifying all 7000 people on the list and letting them know the flash drive was lost. It is encouraging them to put a fraud alert on their credit report. The DNR is also selecting a company to provide credit monitoring.

The IT contractor is still working for the DNR pending an investigation.

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