Community Blood Center affected by laptop theft

December 1, 2007

By Kelly Baker, Staff Writer

Community Blood Center is the latest business to be notified that employees' information was stored on a laptop stolen in October from a Kettering auditing firm.

Battelle & Battelle LLC was conducting an audit of the blood center's 401K plan when a laptop was stolen from a Battelle employee's vehicle, said Blood Center spokeswoman Sher Patrick. Up to 600 employees appeared to be affected.

Donors should not be concerned, though, she said.

"The message we want to get out is that this does not affect our blood donors in any way," Patrick said. Only employees and their 401K information was on the laptop stolen in Oakwood.

The Ohio Masonic Home, based in Springfield, was notified last month that personnel information on 600 of its employees were also compromised.

Battelle spokeswoman Michelle Kaye said no cases of fraud have been reported as of Friday.

Blood Center employees were notified of the event and were given information on how to put a fraud alert on their credit, Patrick said.

The stolen laptop required multiple levels of authentication to access the data on the machine," Battelle stated in a letter to the Masonic Home. "We feel that the chance of your data being accessed by an outside party is quite slim."

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