Employee Accused of Emailing County Workers' Personal Information

December 10, 2007


A letter sent to Cameron County employees states their personal information was released through an e-mail.

According to the letter, an employee released an e-mail with a list of all county officials and employees. It reportedly contained names, social security numbers, and salaries.

"This letter was sent out as a precaution to all elected officials, appointed officials, anyone employed by Cameron County in August of 2006... to let them know that this inadvertent information was sent out," says Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos.

The employee wasn't authorized to release the information. It's a violation of county policy.

District Attorney Armando Villalobos was unavailable for an on-camera interview. But he did tell us the email is part of an ongoing investigation involving former county auditor Mark Yates.

Yates was arrested in June. He was accused of going around the commissioner's court and giving approval on contract bids.

The email was found on Yates' computer, after the county seized it.

The email had been sent to a Brownsville Herald reporter.

Since Yates is accused of releasing the information without permission, the district attorney's office says they'll present this as another possible charge against him.

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