Greensburg Gander Mountain Announces Theft Of Customer Info

September 11, 2007


Gander Mountain said credit card information for 112,000 customers of its Greensburg store might have been compromised.

That includes 10,000 records with names, card numbers and expiration dates.

According to Gander Mountain, somebody either lost or stole a computer potentially containing the credit card information of anyone who has shopped at the Greensburg store since it first opened more than five years ago.

"It makes me very unhappy, and it tells me that I'm happy I paid with cash," said Gander Mountain customer Steve Allias.

"I think these mistakes could be made by any company," said Gander Mountain customer Gus Aguilar. "The United States government makes these mistakes."

The company said the missing computer was not taken from its Greensburg store but from an undisclosed location.

The computer had credit card transaction records for that store only though, ranging from July 2002 through June of this year.

Also possibly affected are customers who paid by check or who returned items.

In a prepared statement, the company's CEO wrote, "We have no evidence that any of this information has been misused or that the missing equipment was stolen with intent to steal data."

Still, Gander Mountain urges customers to report the possible breach to their credit card company.

It also set up a hot line. For more information, call 866-986-2988

Gander Mountain said it would not provide free credit monitoring to anybody who might be affected.

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