SAIC Warns of Possible Data Breach

July 20, 2007

Associated Press

Military support contractor SAIC said Friday the personal information of more than half a million people may have been compromised when the company did not encrypt the data before transmitting it over the Internet.

SAIC said it has not found any evidence that the information _ which included combinations of names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers and health information _ was accessed by unauthorized people, but warned that the possibility of a breach exists.

SAIC said it has fixed the security problems and advised potentially affected people.

The company said the problem occurred when it transmitted information from 580,000 households of military personnel and their family members over the Internet in an unencrypted form. A household may represent more than one person, the company said. The data was stored on a single, nonsecure server at an SAIC location.

The company was processing health information for military personnel under a contract with the Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Homeland Security.

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