Information Compromised



Dozens of Cricket cell phone customers are being told that their credit card information has been stolen from a southwest Omaha store.

The message from Cricket has the Christophersons worried about their debit card information. Cricket revealed that paperwork for cell phone purchases was taken from the store at 134th and West Center.

Three hundred customers have been notified that their credit or debit card information has been stolen.

Candy Christopherson says, "I was shocked that this could happen with one of the utilities you trust and do business with for many years."

A cricket spokesman says, "It's our duty to tell customers the information was stolen and have them look at their credit statements."

The Cricket spokesman says a few concerned customers called about the warning letter but no one has reported any suspicious or fraudulent transactions on their credit cards.

Cricket will only confirm an internal investigation, implying a suspected inside job.

Bob Christopherson says, "These corporations and companies get all this stuff and you trust them with it and all of a sudden it's gone."

The Christopersons have contacted their bank asking for a new debit card number.

So far, Candy hasn't heard of any unauthorized use of her now-closed debit account but it bothers her that Cricket put her personal information in a position to be stolen.

A Cricket spokesman says protecting customer identities is a priority and the company will learn from the security breach.

Omaha police have been notified of the incident.

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