Substitute teachers' Social Security numbers stolen in car break-in


Sarah Reynolds

The Social Security numbers of 91 Yuma Elementary School District 1 substitute teachers were stolen May 7 when a district employee's car was broken into.

In addition to the car owner's purse and some personal items, a briefcase containing employee information reports was in car when the break-in occurred, according to Kerry Jones, chief financial officer for District 1.

Jones said the reports detailed the payroll hours the 91 substitutes had worked during a two-week period. He said no money was taken and the reports did not list bank account numbers. However, he said the theft of the Social Security information was a cause for caution.

We sent out a letter to all the substitute teachers that were on that list, saying their Social Security numbers had been compromised and advising them to contact a credit reporting agency," Jones said.

That letter was sent out Monday, according to district officials.

Jones said the lack of bank account information made it less likely a thief could steal someone's identity using the numbers.

I don't know that they could use it for identify theft."

The numbers could be used to falsify records, however, particularly on job applications.

Jones said the Yuma Police Department is investigating the incident but has not yet caught the thief.

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