Priority One Credit Union's security breach


Steve Bass

I'm watching my credit union account like a hawk. That's because Priority One Credit Union -- the one I use -- had a security breach that was stunning.

They recently sent election ballots to members. Printed on the outside of the envelope were some numbers. The first was our account number.

That might not have been enough to help with anyone intent on identity theft, so they also printed my social security number on the envelope.

I received a letter of apology the other day. They told me they deeply regretted the inconvenience.

Me, too.

I see it as much more than an inconvenience. I also doubt that their "top priority is my privacy and security," otherwise this wouldn't have happened.

The letter, from Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. CEO and President, goes on to say they "take the security of [my] information so seriously" that they plan to implement enhancements" to ensure this won't happen again. I think one enhancement ought to be the dismissal of the person who made the egregious error.

They're providing a one-year free Equifax subscription, a minimal response for such a substantial error. I think it ought to be a law that any agency guilty of a security breach should be forced to make a one-year commitment to help if the person becomes a victim of identify theft.

In the meantime, I'm keeping close watch on my account balance.

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