RadioShack customers' personal info found in dumpster

March 29, 2007

Thousands of payment slips showing the credit card numbers and other personal information of RadioShack employees was found in a dumpster behind a Corpus Christi-area RadioShack, a news station reported Wednesday.

According to the KZTV report, a man rummaging through trash behind a RadioShack store in Portland, Texas, found nearly 20 boxes of discarded records.

Steve Schmidt, RadioShack's vice president of the Mid-South area, called the incident an isolated occurrence.

"RadioShack takes seriously its obligation to maintain and safeguard its company records, especially when those records contain a customer's nonpublic information. In this isolated instance, the disposal of customer data by this one store was not in accordance with our shredding policy," Schmidt said in the statement.

Schmidt said RadioShack (NYSE: RSH) immediately arranged to pick up and secure the documents after learning Friday that KZTV personnel had the data. The company declined further comment.

The records included copies of sales receipts spanning from 2001 to 2005, the KZTV report said.

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