Thief Takes Lawmakers' Social Security Numbers

February 2, 2007

Associated Press

Social Security numbers and other personal information of state representatives and their employees were stolen from another state worker who had taken them home to do work.

State Senate clerk Rob Marchant said in an e-mail on Friday that an employee of the Legislative Human Resources Office was taking a report home to work on Wednesday night and stopped at a health club on her way home.

Marchant said that the worker's locker and others in the health club were broken into and the keys to her vehicle were stolen. He said that her car and others were broken into and a variety of items were stolen, including a report that contained information about Assembly personnel. The clerk said that the report included employee names and Social Security numbers.

Marchant said that safeguards have been strengthened to prevent any repeat of this occurrence.

Democratic state Rep. Marlin Schneider of Wisconsin Rapids said that he was notified he was one of those affected. He said that he's already contacted a credit monitoring agency to look for signs of identity theft.

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