Laptop Stolen From Hospital Contains Sensitive Information

February 8, 2007

LEONARDTOWN, Md. -- Hospital administrators at St. Mary's Hospital in Leonardtown, Md., are concerned about the recent theft of a laptop that contained identifying information.

Administrators said the laptop contained names, Social Security numbers and birthdates for may of the hospital's patients.

Officials said the hospital is cooperating with law enforcement agencies and have taken steps to prevent such a crime from happening again.

Officials said sensitive data will no longer be accessible on any portable electronic devices. The hospital is also looking into encrypting data on their laptop computers.

Additionally, the missing laptop has been locked out of all hospital systems, officials said.

In the meantime, hospital officials have retained an organization that specializes is situations in which sensitive data have been compromised. The hospital is also suggesting that patients enroll in a free program to allow National ID Recovery to monitor patients information for potential identity theft.

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