Gulf Coast Med. Computer Theft

February 28, 2007

By Jennifer Turk!news!archives

While no identity cases have surfaced yet, the threat has. Gulf Coast Medical Center announced Tuesday, 1900 patient had personal information stolen back in November and 8,000 more were victimized in February. The information was in a computer that went missing in Nashville, TN in November and a computer stolen in Tallahassee in February.

Rod Whiting with Gulf Coast Medical Center says no one has come forward with identity theft problems thus far. The hospital is giving patients who's names and social security numbers where in those computers one free year of credit monitoring with TransUnion.

Gulf Coast did implement a new security system for laptop computers close to a year ago. Each laptop comes equip with a lock to secure the laptop.

Hospital Corporations of America runs Gulf Coast Medical Center along with 171 other hospitals around the country. 69 Hospitals and surgry center are located in Florida.

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