Data Breech May Affect Nearly 2,000 Police Officers

February 11, 2007

Associated Press

Personal information has been accidentally released about some D.C. police officers, including their Social Security numbers.

A letter has gone out from the D.C. Chief Financial Officer to notify nearly 2,000 members of the Metropolitan Police Department who may be affected. It says the information was inadvertently released to two Advisory Neighborhood Commission officials who had requested information about police overtime.

The letter from the CFO's office says they are taking the issue seriously but believe the risk of identity theft or other problems is minimal. It says the Social Security numbers have been erased from the computers of those who were given the information.

Still, police union officials say the release of personal data is troubling. They want the city to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The city CFO is offering a year of free credit monitoring for those who were affected.

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