Clay High School student hacks into Oregon schools data

January 23, 2007

Autumn Lee

Oregon City Schools Superintendent John Hall confirmed an information security breech occurred Jan. 12 when a Clay High School student obtained confidential student and staff information through inappropriate means.

Hall has sent out letters notifying the local community about the incident.

Hall said the student, who he didn't name, shared with another student that he or she had accessed the information. The student who learned of this told a staff member midday.

The administration immediately investigated the situation and has taken the computers pertinent to the incident for analysis. The administration learned the student had transferred the information to portable 30-gigabyte storage device. That device has been confiscated.

Hall said administrators are completing the investigation internally with personnel from the Northwest Ohio Computer Association working with their staff on this matter to ensure the network files are secure.

Detective Janet Zale of the Oregon Police Department said the case is still being investigated.

Zale said she has some forensic analysis work to do on some of the high school's computers. She confirmed that Oregon police are now in possession of the student's portable storage device. From investigation work she has completed, she has ascertained the student's external device has district-wide personal information, such as names, addresses, birthdays and Social Security numbers of students, and information on Clay faculty and staff.

Zale said she knows the student spoke about the information, but does not know if he or she physically gave the information to anyone.

Charges will be filed in juvenile court, Zale said, though she can't specify what those charges might be.

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