Computer Stolen from 130th Airlift Wing in Charleston

December 5, 2006

By Martin Staunton

A laptop computer with personal information about every member of West Virginia's Army National Guard 130th Airlift Wing in Charleston recently was stolen.

The government-owned laptop computer was stolen from a member of the unit while he was attending an offical training course.

Maj. Todd Harrell said the computer's hard drive contains personal information, including Social Security numbers, names and birth dates of everyone in the 130th Airlift Wing.

Harrell said it does not appear that the computer was targeted because of the information on its hard drive.

Everyone in the unit has received notice that their personal information may have been compromised. Harrell said the notice from the unit explains to members that there's no need for drastic steps to be taken, such as canceling credit cards or closing bank accounts. The notice to the members does suggest they take the steps necessary to protect themselves from identity theft.

Federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Office of Special Investigations and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service have been notified about the stolen computer.

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