Grand Prairie posted sensitive employee info on website

December 3, 2006

Bob Greene

GRAND PRAIRIE – Some employees of a Grand Prairie business are concerned their personal records were not protected.

“You would never think that your employer would make that mistake,” said an employee of the City of Grand Prairie who asked to remain anonymous.

She and other employees are on edge all because of a mistake revealed in a letter that said employees’ personal information – including their social security numbers – ended up on the city’s website.

It all started when the city began working with a contractor to iron out details for workers’ compensation insurance for city employees. The proposal was put on the city’s website, along with hundreds of employee names and social security numbers.

“It was a mistake, you know, on our part to tell you the truth,” said Amy Sprinkles with the City of Grand Prairie. “We just didn’t catch it.”

The mistake wasn’t caught for an entire year.

Sprinkles said she’s not sure how the oversight happened. She said as soon as the mistake was discovered, the information was pulled from the website, and the city notified all employees in a letter.

“We wanted to do the right thing by telling people what happened,” Sprinkles said. “We could have not told anybody, and they’d never know.”

But the employee News 8 talked with said, employees still feel in the dark.

“You’ll never know now, unless you go out and check your credit scores on a routine basis for quite some time whether this has affected you or your family,” she said.

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