LANL contractor information could be at risk

November 10, 2006

By Andy Lenderman, The New Mexican

As many as 1,000 contract employees who work in Los Alamos have been warned that a compact disk containing their personal information could be missing.

The disk belongs to KSL Services Inc., a contractor to Los Alamos National Laboratory, lab spokesman Jeff Berger said Thursday.

The compact disk did not contain any lab information, Berger said. Instead, it has what's known as personally identifiable information.

Berger was unable to provide more details. It's unclear if law enforcement is involved.

A source familiar with the investigation said as many as 1,000 people could be affected.

Personally identifiable information can include full names, telephone numbers, birth dates and Social Security numbers.

KSL Services is a contractor to the lab that provides services such as maintenance, engineering and transportation.

Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment late Thursday.

Berger was not sure how the disk ended up missing, but said lab officials are helping KSL officials look for it. He also said the lab will review the company's process for handling that information.

Affected employees have been notified by KSL, Berger said. And the lab has notified the National Nuclear Security Administration about the matter.

Berger said the lab became aware of the issue Nov. 3.

The matter appears to be separate from an ongoing FBI investigation into how other classified information ended up in the home of a former lab contract employee. That employee worked for a different contractor.

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