Radio co. employees' personal data stolen

November 2, 2006

By Jesse Noyes, Boston Herald Business Reporter

Greater Media Inc. recently began alerting employees that their personal information might have landed in thieving hands.

The radio broadcasting company has sent out letters warning that a laptop holding Social Security numbers of current and former staffers was stolen out of Greater Media's Philadelphia offices, sources who have received the letter said.

In the letter, Greater Media, whose Boston stations include WTKK-FM (96.9) and WBOS-FM (92.9), offers a free credit report if staffers sign up by the end of the year. The letters also state that there.s been no indication of any illegal activities so far, sources said.

Just how many employees are at risk is unclear, but letters have been mailed to Greater Media staff in Greater Boston.

Greater Media spokeswoman Heidi Raphael didn.t provide details but issued a statement.

"We are taking all appropriate steps to protect our employees and their personal information. We take this matter very seriously and an investigation is under way," she said. "Given the status of the investigation and the sensitive nature of the information, we do not wish to comment further."

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