Stolen laptop contains personal information

October 11, 2006

Staff Report

Adams State College Public Safety office has reported that a laptop computer stolen from the college in August contained personal information of participants in the college.s Upward Bound program.

On Aug. 14, the laptop computer and an LCD projector were reported stolen from a locked closet in Richardson Hall. College staff did not realize until late Sept. The computer held a report listing 184 high school students who took part in the Upward Bound program during the past four years. The data was contained in the programs annual performance report, which is updated each year. The report is no longer kept on personal computers, said Mike Garcia, executive director of the TRIO program at the college.

College officials have notified the affected students of the theft and advised them of the steps they need to take to protect their information, including placing fraud alerts on their credit cards. The ASC office of public information said there is no evidence the crime was one of identity theft and the investigation continues. Upward Bound is a federally funded TRIO program that works with low income, first generation high school students to improve their potential for college success.

Anyone with information concerning the theft is asked to call ASC Public Safety at 589-7901 or Alamosa County Crimestoppers at 589-4111. You don.t have to give your name to Crimestoppers to report any unsolved crime in Alamosa County.

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