Identity Theft Scare Hits Closing Indy Business

September 11, 2006

Workers at a telemarketing company on Indianapolis' south side are concerned about identity theft after they said they found piles of personal information in a Dumpster.

Several employees of Telesource said they climbed into the Dumpster to retrieve the documents.

The employees said their company had just been bought out by another company called Vekstar, and that the office at U.S. 31 and Shelby Street was being cleaned out and shut down.

"I found all the employees' files with all the personal information with them," said Stephanie Stewart. "It had their Social Security numbers and date of birth. There were photocopies of driver's licenses, photocopies of Social Security cards."

Workers called police to tell them about the discovery. 6News was unable to reach the company for comment.

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