PSA HealthCare Announces Data Security Update

August 4, 2006

PSA HealthCare (Nasdaq: PSAI) today announced that a company-owned laptop computer was stolen from an employee's vehicle in a public parking lot. The laptop computer contained certain personal information of approximately 51,000 current and former patients, including names and social security numbers and, in a limited number of cases, personal health information. The laptop computer was password protected and PSA has no indication that any of the information has been accessed or misused. However, PSA will begin to contact the affected individuals in order to provide them with steps to take to protect themselves from any possible misuse of their personal information.

"We deeply regret this incident and extend our sincerest apologies to all current and former patients," said Daniel J. Kohl, President and CEO of PSA. "In light of this episode, we have taken certain steps to augment data security policies and procedures."

PSA provides comprehensive pediatric home health care services through a network of over 100 branch offices in 20 states, including satellite offices and branch office start-ups. Through these offices, PSA provides a combination of services, including pediatric private duty nursing (PDN), pediatric day treatment centers (PPECs) and respiratory therapy and equipment services (RTES). Additional information on PSA may be found on the Company's website at

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