Beaverton school staff personal data stolen

August 22, 2006

By Amy Hsuan

Beaverton school officials have notified about 1,600 employees that time slips revealing personal information were missing following a July 24 break-in.

School officials sent letters home late last week, notifying staff members of the theft. The school district will provide a year of credit reporting to the full-time teachers, substitutes and other staff whose Social Security numbers were printed on the slips.

"We're encouraging people to follow up on the letter and enroll in the program," said Sue Robertson, associate superintendent for human resources and support.

The documents, which noted extra hours worked by employees between January and April 2003, were stolen from a storage shed on the Beaverton School District administration office's property.

The slips had names and Social Security numbers, but not addresses, Robertson said.

The storage shed door was kicked in, said Mark Hyde, Beaverton police spokesman. A couple of rolling carts were missing, as well as a backpack with unknown contents.

The school district consulted with a private firm and decided to offer employees a year of credit tracking.

"We were concerned about this personal information being out in the community," Robertson said.

The district is planning on forming a committee to look at improving the storage and archival of employee information, said Maureen Wheeler, a school district spokeswoman.

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