Navy data again found on public web site

July 7, 2006

By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer

For the second time in two weeks, Social Security numbers and other personal information of Navy personnel have been discovered on an Internet site, triggering an investigation.

The Navy said Friday that information on more than 100,000 naval and Marine Corps aviators and aircrew was on the Naval Safety Center Web site and on nearly 1,100 computer discs mailed out to naval commands.

There was no indication that the information has been used illegally, said Navy spokesman Lt. Ryan Perry. He said Rear Adm. George Mayer, commander of the Naval Safety Center, had the information removed immediately and officials are looking into how the data was posted on the Web site.

The Navy is also attempting to retrieve the computer disks, he said, and individuals whose data was revealed on the Internet were being notified. Both active and reserve members were affected by the latest incident, including aviators who may have served within the last 20 years.

Two weeks ago, the Navy launched a criminal investigation after Social Security numbers and other personal data for 28,000 sailors and family members were found on a civilian Web site. The information was in five documents and included people's names, birth dates and Social Security numbers.

The Web site was not identified, but the Navy said the information was removed and there also was no indication the data was used illegally. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the matter.

Computer breaches have come to light at as many as half a dozen federal agencies in recent months, potentially affecting millions of employees.

The Navy said individuals affected by the breach can place a 90-day fraud alert on their credit reports, and they were provided information on companies to contact. Bank and credit card accounts also should be closely monitored.

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