Another Security Breach At OU

June 9, 2006

By Tino Ramos

Ohio University officials are scratching their heads over another computer security breach that affects tens of thousands of people who had dealings with the university.

This time, someone has again tapped into their computer system, taking private information from their files.

Reports indicate that two additional electronic security breaches have been discovered. This one involves over 70,000 people, including subcontractors paid by OU over the past two years.

The FBI is already investigating three prior data thefts involving research, and private information on students and alumni that included social security numbers.

The university has been issuing letters to those who have been affected and they've taken drastic steps to tighten up firewalls within their computer systems that will help prevent breeches.

A letter sent to the latest theft victims indicates that there is no evidence their stolen information has been used to commit fraud.

Clearly there continues to be a great concern for the university and for those who have dealings with them.

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