Worker Arrested For Computer Crimes

May 23, 2006

Police say one man tried to steal millions from his old boss, but in the process, may have leaked private information of thousands of people.

36 year old Paul Schenkel was arrested at his Wethersfield home over the weekend for extortion.

Police say he blackmailed Mortgage Lenders Network USA for 6.9 million dollars.

Police say Schenkel stole files containing sensitive customer information over the 16 months he worked there. If the company didn.t pay up, he threatened to release it.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA is a multi-state billion dollar corporation with at least 81 thousand accounts.

The company didn.t want to tell us how much of their customer.s personal information may have been compromised and if those customers had been notified.

Meanwhile, police confiscated Schenkel.s computer from his home.

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