2,000 CB&T Customers Alerted After Security Breach

May 21, 2006

By Amanda Iler


Letters were sent to Columbus Bank & Trust customers this week warning that credit and check card information may have been stolen. An investigation is on-going.

Visa alerted CB&T about a data security problem that may have led to credit card information being stolen from a major retailer. In a letter to potentially affected customers, CB&T says they don't know which retailer is involved.

At this time, all we know is 2,000 accounts have been flagged. If yours is one of them, you should receive a new check card by May 12. You can use your old one up until May 15, but with some restrictions. ATM withdrawals are limited to $100, and security officials are paying close attention to large transactions.

It's not known whether this breach is connected to one last month involving a major national retailer. In that case, customers nationwide reported cash being seized from their accounts via fraudulent withdrawls. Visa and MasterCard said a merchant had suffered a data theft but wouldn't identify the company.

Bank executives were unavailable for comment on this situation. If you have any questions, you can contact CB&T at (706) 649-4900.

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