Students, faculty warned after hacking


Associated Press

Students and faculty at Shorter College are being told to keep an eye on their credit information after a student was arrested for hacking into the school's network.

Adrian Laza, 22, a junior at the school, was arrested Wednesday and has been accused of disrupting the college's computer network and accessing employee information.

He has been charged with computer theft, computer invasion of privacy and computer trespass.

Louis Johnson of the Rome Police Department said they are trying to determine whether Laza accessed any student information. But he warned that anyone involved with the college should be cautious.

Students and faculty should contact any of the three major credit agencies and tell them about the security breach, Johnson said.

Police believe Laza hacked into the computer system from several different locations, including using computers at the school.

Police say Laza caused a data overflow, which bogged down the system and hindered access to the network.

Laza has declined to speak with police, Johnson said.

Shorter's computer system has since been brought back up to speed.

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